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1. The name of this club shall be the "Travelers Golf Club."

2. This club shall be governed by these "Bylaws" and by the "Club Rules."

3. Membership shall be limited to sixteen (16) members.

4. The Club members shall annually elect Officials of the Club to administer the "Bylaws" and "Club Rules."† The Officials shall consist of President/Secretary, Treasurer & Handicap Chairman.† Their duties shall be as follows:

President/Secretary: Will conduct and control meetings; record, publish and read the minutes; notify members of upcoming issues; will review the club's financial records of expenditures, receipts and balance; and will arrange all tournament courses and dates, and set up banquet and awards.


Treasurer: Will be responsible for all Club monies; will maintain up-to-date financial records of receipts, expenditures and balance; and will establish prize money and award funds.


Handicap Chairman: Will establish and maintain web site (www.travelersgc.org), club members' handicaps, using computer software program; will determine and distribute the results of each tournament, tournament winner, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place and closest to the pins.


5. The amount and payment due date for the yearly dues shall be as set forth in the "Club Rules."† Non- payment of dues is grounds for dismissal from the Club, subject to the "Club Rules."† Reimbursement of Club dues will be made for health reasons only, prorated on the basis of seven tournaments.† After the seventh tournament, no money will be refunded.

6. There shall be ten or eleven official tournaments and one fun tournament, played on Saturday or Sunday at hopefully no later than 10:00 a.m. starting tee time.† Greens fees shall average $60, with the exception of two quality courses, greens fees approx. $95.† Members must participate in seven out of the ten or eight out of eleven official tournaments to qualify for the Club Championship, pending if a rain date is needed.

7. Meetings for the Club shall be held prior to a tournament and as set forth in the "Club Rules."

8. New members may be admitted to the Club as specified in the "Club Rules."† A member may nominate no more than two new members in a given year.† New members must be at least 21 years of age.

9. These "Bylaws" may be amended by approval of 2/3 of the members of the Club. Amendments may be presented at a regular meeting or at a meeting specifically called to amend these "Bylaws."† The votes shall be voice votes of the members present at the meeting, and/or, if the amendment(s) has been distributed to the members for review prior to the meeting, written votes submitted at the meeting by members not present.† The "Club Rules" may be amended by approval of a simple majority of the members of the Club present at a regular meeting or at a meeting specifically called to amend the "Club Rules", subject to a quorum of the members being present.

10. The Club shall be organized in ranking from 1 to 16 by handicap.

11. To establish a handicap, new members must submit three 18-hole, six 9-hole score cards (or any combination thereof) a minimum of one week prior to the next tournament.† All submitted scores shall be dated and attested by an existing member.† New members who do not submit the required score cards by the deadline shall not be eligible.† New members will be eligible for individual tournaments and Club Championship after a handicap has been established.

12. Greens fees and foursomes will be collected and established the day of each tournament by the club member assigned.

13. Tees played from will depend on total yardage closest to 6200 yards.

14. In a tournament, members must play in foursomes that include at least two members.† Any member who finds that no other club member is in his foursome shall request a member from another foursome to join him for the completion of the round.

15. For each tournament, scores shall be kept by a designated scorer in each foursome. All scores shall be verified and accepted by members of the foursome before the tee shot on the next hole.† It is suggested that members remind anyone of an infraction before the next tee shot to avoid embarrassing situations.† Once a score is accepted by a foursome it becomes final.† Upon completion of the round, the scorer shall sign the score card and have it attested before submitting it to the Handicap Chairman. Each member of the foursome shall be responsible for verifying that his score is correct.† Any score card submitted to the Handicap Chairman which does not show a score for each of the eighteen holes shall be considered incomplete and shall disqualify the member(s) whose score is missing.

16. In the event of inclement weather, a majority of the Club members at the course shall decide whether the tournament will be played or canceled.





1. These rules shall be effective for the new Club.

2. There shall be 16 members in the Club, organized from a ranking from 1 to 16, based on handicap.

3. The yearly Club dues shall be $140.

4. Prizes awarded by the Club (based on net scores) shall be as follows:


(10) or (11) Tournaments



Tournament Winner



2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place



Closest to the Pin (all par 3ís)

$5 each





Fun Tournament



Prize Money






Club Championship (Greens Fees Paid by Club)


Club Champion

$50 plus Plaque


2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place






Most Improved Handicap



Prize Money



5. The Club shall hold two regular meetings during the year to conduct Club business. The first meeting shall precede the golf season and the second shall be at the banquet. At the banquet prizes from the preceding season shall be awarded, officers for the following season shall be elected and new members for the following season may be voted into the club.† Other meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Officials of the Club.

6. Existing members who intend to remain in or leave the Club should be made at the second meeting, in order to determine the number of new members required to fill the club membership.

7. Dues from existing members shall be paid by December 31.† A $10 per month penalty will be assessed for late dues as follows:



If paid by January 31



If paid by February 28



If paid by March 31



If paid by April 15



8. An Official Eligibility List shall be established to provide for new members.† Names of prospective new members may be submitted by a member, the sponsor, to the President at any time.† However, to be placed on the Official Eligibility List, prospective new member(s) must be approved by 2/3 of the members present at a regular meeting, subject to a quorum of the members and the sponsor being present.† The voting order for eligibility shall be based on a random drawing of all the names submitted during the year.

9. When openings for new members become available for the beginning of a new golf season, the prospective members at the top of the Official Eligibility List, equal to the number of openings, shall be notified by the President that the openings exist.† Each of these prospective members shall become Club members upon payment of the yearly dues by the second Friday in February, those not paying will no longer be eligible for Club membership.† If any openings remain, the next prospective member(s) on the Official Eligibility List will be notified by the President that the opening(s) exist.† The prospective member(s) shall become a Club member(s) upon payment of the yearly dues by the first Friday in March.

10. Any member may take a one year sabbatical from the Club.† The member will be placed at the top of the eligibility list for the next year.† If the sabbatical is for more than one year, the player will be subject to the regular process for admitting new members.

11. Members are responsible for costs at prepaid courses, whether they play or not.† For all courses, members shall notify an Official of the Club at least seven days prior to a tournament if they are not able to attend.† Members not able to attend a tournament who do not contact an Officer of the Club at least four days prior to that tournament will be assessed the greens fee and cart costs paid by the club or $20, whichever is greater.† Members not able to attend a prepaid tournament who do contact an Officer of the Club at least four days prior to that tournament will be assessed only their proportionate cost to the club, if any, after fees paid by guests, walk-ons and non-calling members are considered.† If payment is not made prior to next tournament, member will not be eligible to participate in tournaments until paid.

12. Fun Tournament format will be set prior to the tournament.

13. All play shall be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf except as modified by the following club rules.† Members are expected to read, understand and apply the Rules as modified.

14. When interpreting these modifications to the USGA Rules of Golf, remember that golf is intended to be played as the ball lies.† These modifications were made to speed up play or to compensate for conditions on the golf course that are not natural to the course or how it was intended to be played.

15. At the beginning of each golf season, the President shall appoint two members, knowledgeable in the Rules of Golf, to serve as the Rules Committee.† If any question arises during a tournament concerning the proper application of a Rule of Golf, the situation shall be duly noted on the score card.† At the completion of the round, the situation shall be presented to the Rules committee for a determination by a majority ruling.

16. All tournaments shall be played using Winter Rules, in your own fairway only.† Ball lie may be improved, without penalty, within one foot of original lie, no closer to the hole.† This rule does not apply to the rough, woods, etc.

17. The same ball shall be played through the green, except if cut.† Only then may a new ball be substituted.† Penalty for changing balls is one stroke.

18. All greens must be putted out.† Any player who picks up, neglecting to putt out, can be disqualified from the tournament.† If inclement weather occurs during a round, and the green is unplayable, then a two putt shall be scored.† However, a ball should be moved, no closer to the hole, to take water out of play first, before taking a two putt.

19. A plugged ball in swampy conditions may be moved, without penalty, at any time and in any location, except in a hazard, no closer to the hole.

20. If a ball in a sand trap is in a foot print or other impression, the sand may be smoothed and the ball replaced in the same spot in the sand, without penalty.† Note that a club may not be grounded in a hazard.† The penalty for grounding is one stroke.

21. A ball resting in casual water may be removed and placed within one club length of the edge of the casual water, no closer to the hole, without penalty.† If the ball rests in casual water in a sand trap, it must be re-placed in a sand trap.

22. Ball out of bounds, in a water hazard or lost may be brought back along the line of flight between where the ball went out of bounds, into the hazard or was lost and where it was originally hit at a penalty of one stroke.† A ball in a lateral water hazard shall be placed within two club lengths of where it went into the hazard, no closer to the hole, at a penalty of one stroke.

23. If a ball rests on a paved cart path, the ball may be moved, without penalty, within one club length from the closest edge of the cart path, no closer to the hole, without penalty.

24. If a ball rests in an essentially bare area that is a cart path or an area heavily used by carts, but is not paved or otherwise delineated, the ball may be moved, without penalty, within one club length clear of the limits of the cart path, no closer to the hole.† A consensus of the foursome must agree that the area is a non-delineated cart path before the ball may be moved.

25. If a ball rests in an unplayable lie, the ball may be placed along the line of flight between where the ball rests and where it was originally hit at a penalty of one stroke.† This rule may be applied at any time.


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